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Welcome to foundobject, a place to post and talk about things you've encountered.

This includes physical objects, remnants of humanity, urban phenomena, randomness of nature, rummage sale oddities, things in your own home, etc...anything that interests you.

This does not include funny Internet anything. No email you got, no links to websites that you thought were weird, no ads that you followed and saw were the most hilarious product you've ever seen. Those things all belong in found_online. First time it will be deleted. Second time it will be deleted. Third time you will be banned.

This is an art-oriented community, with an emphasis on photography, and as such it is also a forum for the exhibition and critique of artwork that implements found objects as medium and/or subject. This means that links to websites that exhibit similar media are welcome as well. Images are preferred over stories; however, feel free to include a few remarks or backstory about your subject.

If you post part of someone else's artwork because you feel it has relevance here, give props to the original artists. This is not a community for humorous photoshopped images, email forwards, or other mass-distributed Internet miscellany.

Also, please use the lj-cut tag for images wider than 500px, larger than 60k, or images that aren't safe for work.

Comments will be open to Anonymous users at this time, but closely monitored. This is a community for sharing, not for arguing.

Have Fun!

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